A Night in the Pech Valley


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“In its earnest firsthand telling, Grant McGarry’s A Night in the Pech Valley reveals the character and courage, and dedication and determination, of our elite Army Rangers. McGarry gives us an unvarnished and authentic glimpse of becoming a soldier and serving under fire. He shows the old rallying cry “Rangers lead the way” still rings true. The story also reminds us how many veterans carry home the burdens of war; some, like Chris Wright, never return. As a nation, we are fortunate that such men volunteer to protect our ideals; we should not forget them. Grant McGarry’s book helps make sure we won’t.”

—Alvin Townley, best-selling author of Legacy of Honor and Defiant

“Grant McGarry has given us a real-time, ground-truth look at the work of the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan–some of the toughest fighting in the War of Terror.  Authentic modern Combat–the real thing told by one who has been there and done that.”

—Dick Couch, author of The Warrior Elite and Chosen Soldier