Key Note Speaker at UPS, ACP and Hire Heroes USA transition workshop event

I would like to thank UPS, ACP, Hire Heroes USA and everyone in attendance at last nights military transition seminar.  It was an honor to speak and answer questions on a topic that I am so passionate about and I look forward to continuing to be a voice for veteran reintegration issues.

Notes from last night:
Every year approximately 200,000 service members transition from active duty to join the ranks of over 21 million veterans in the private sector. Furthermore, the veteran unemployment rate remains above the national average and one veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes.

Everyone wants their friends and loved ones to thrive and prosper after their service.


–Veterans are not being compensated for the training and leadership experience acquired while serving.


–Veterans are at a disadvantage because most hiring organizations do not consider the time a Veteran spent in the service equal to jobs that civilians held in the private sector.

Takeaway’s from last night:

–Continue to be resilient

–Have a back up plan

–Be passionate about what you do

–Develop your personal brand story

–Continue to wake up at 4:45am

–Keep the warrior mindset

–If you don’t know, phone a friend and ask for help